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"Halloween Hellhunt" Battle Reports

Next time bring a co-pilot
The Dark Horde's elephant shirks its howdah duty
Judging has concluded on the second annual Halloween Hellhunt battle report contest, and Killer Karetsu's "The Battle at Brikpass" has come out on top. The forces of both Count Shinypants and Dark Lord Krag Hag had the poor luck to be traveling through the Brikpass on the same day, and slaughter inevitably ensued.

Battles were judged by a team of five judges for a potential five points based on five categories: Gameplay, Photography, Violence, Writing, and Overall Appeal. These were combined, through mysterious Halloween math, to add up to a maximum potential score of 16. How does that work? Not even the judges know for sure.
- Mike
Halloween Hellhunt - Annual Battle Report Contest
Killer Karetsu's "The Battle at Brikpass" - 14 points
mgb519's "Ambush Valley" - 13 points
Zahru II's "The Dig" - 13 points
AlphaFalcon541's "Last Stand on Raider Valley" - 12 points
Falk's "Operation: Beachhead" - 12 points
BrickSyd's "The Happy Ending Treason" - 12 points
Jodokast's "Battle of Champions II" - 9 points
Sjosten's "Desert Strike" - 8 points
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