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Moron Studios

The Gates of New Brikinville
New Brikinville, the most hobo-filled town in history.
Peter writes in to present Moron Studios' new BrikWars fansite, with reports of their campaigns for the Bird Crown in the towns of Old and New Brikinville.

Billed as "the most hobo-filled town in history," Brikinsville has been host to a well-documented series of battles between vikings, assassins, the Mithril Knights, the undead, and (you guessed it) hobos. The Moron Studios site is full of photos and reports about the town and its inhabitants, as well as the battles that take place there. The Moron models are especially noteworthy for finding ways to intermix Mega Bloks features and elements into the Lego landscape.

Moron Studios BrikWars
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